Potato salad with vegan mayonnaise and kimchi kick

About The Recipe


Give a classic potato salad a new twist with this vegan-friendly recipe. The potatoes are tender and creamy, mixed with a vegan mayonnaise that's rich and smooth. The addition of a Kimchi kick, either through kimchi pieces or a spicy seasoning, adds a burst of flavor, making this potato salad anything but ordinary. It's a great side dish for picnics, barbecues, or as part of a plant-based feast, offering a familiar comfort food with an exciting, spicy twist.



  • In a large bowl, add diced boiled potato, apple, mayo, chopped rucola, red onion and diced celery.
  • Mix all ingredients well.
  • Place on the plate and sprinkle some kimchi kick and pumpkin seed.


  • O’Food Kimchi Kick to taste
  • Boiled potato skinless 150 gr
  • Celery stalk 1 piece
  • Vegan mayo 80 gr
  • Red apple 60 gr
  • Pumpkin seed 3 gr
  • Rucola 20 gr
  • Red onion, diced 20 gr

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