Korean BBQ Sauce Original

Main Ingredients

Korean BBQ Sauce Original

Also known as ‘Bulgogi Sauce’, Korean BBQ Sauce packs the thousands-year-old authentic bulgogi recipes into a handy bottle. Perfect as a marinade sauce for beef or any other meats, the blend of key ingredients including soy sauce, garlic, ginger and black pepper gives an authentic Korean flavour. Also suitable for marinating vegetables.



Soy, Wheat


Sugar, Soy sauce[Defatted soybean, Wheat, Salt, Rice syrup, Alcohol, Flavour enhancer(E627, E631), Sweetener(E955)], Water, Salt, Yeast extract, Garlic, Alcohol, Ginger, Black pepper powder, Flavour enhancer(E627, E631), Modified corn starch, Acidity Regulator(E330), Thickener(E415)