Grilled sausage and mashed potato seasoned with Korean BBQ kick

About The Recipe


A comforting classic with a twist, this recipe pairs grilled sausages with creamy mashed potatoes, both elevated by a Korean BBQ seasoning. The sausages, grilled to perfection, are juicy and flavorful, with the Korean BBQ spices adding a unique depth and a hint of heat. The mashed potatoes, smooth and buttery, are seasoned with the same Korean BBQ spices, creating a consistent flavor profile throughout the dish. This hearty, warming meal is perfect for a cozy night in, offering the comfort of familiar favorites with the excitement of new flavors.



  • Place milk and butter together in a medium pot and bring to a boil then remove from heat.
  • Add potatoes into the milk mixture and mash until mixed well.
  • Boil green beans until cooked.
  • Serve mashed potato, sausage and green beans on a plate.
  • Sprinkle the BBQ kick over mashed potato and sausage.
  • Level: Easy


  • Potatoes, boiled , peeled and mashed 400 gr
  • Milk 100 ml
  • Butter 120 gr
  • Sausages, scored and grilled 4 pieces
  • Boiled green beans 200 gr
  • O’Food BBQ Kick to taste

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