ssamjang paste 500g by O'Food

Main Ingredients

Ssamjang Paste 500g

O’Food’s Ssamjang Paste 500g is a delightful Korean condiment combining the umami of fermented soybeans with the subtle heat of red chili paste and the nuttiness of sesame oil. This versatile paste enhances the flavor of grilled meats, vegetables, and wraps, making it an essential addition to any Korean meal. Perfect for BBQs, it adds a rich, savory depth that elevates your dishes to new culinary heights.




Gluten, peanuts, soybeans, 


Soybean paste, corn syrup, water, alcohol, red pepper seasoning, sugar, roasted soybean powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, roasted peanut powder, corn flour, garlic, maltodextrin, onion, tapioca starch, red pepper powder, calcium phosphate tribasic, licorice extract, L-lysine, glutamic acid