Spicy Noodles with Gochujang (Gochujang Bibim Guksu)

Spicy Green Tea Organic Noodles with Gochujang vegetarian recipe


  • Mix gochujang paste, oligo syrup, sugar, red pepper powder, apple cider vinegar and let the mixture blend.
  • For the best result, rest the marinade mixture for a day in the refrigerator.
  • Mix all vegetables with the marinade.
  • Boil the noodles according to the package instructions – after the noodles are cooked, drain and rinse under cold water.
  • Put the cold noodles into a large bowl and add the marinade and sesame oil on top.
  • Garnish with crushed laver and sesame seeds.

Chef’s Tip: You can adjust the quantity of gochujang according to your taste


  • O’Food Gochujang Korean Chili Sauce 50 gr
  • O’Food Oligo Syrup 10 ml
  • Sugar 20 gr
  • Apple cider vinegar 10 ml
  • O’Food Korean Red Pepper Powder (Gochugaru) 6 gr
  • Green lettuce 30 gr
  • Cucumber, sliced 100 gr
  • Onions, sliced 60 gr
  • O’Food Organic Green Tea Noodles 200 gr
  • O’Food Premium Toasted Sesame Seed Oil 6 ml
  • (Optional) Laver, crushed 2 gr
  • (Optional) Sesame seeds 2 gr