Bio Mandu Spicy nVegetables 400g

Main Ingredients

Bio Mandu Spicy Vegetables

Better ingredients, better taste. Vegan and organic dumplings made in Europe which are full of flavours and a hint of spicy taste from Korean dumpling recipes. Can be prepared by pan-frying, boiling, steaming and oven-baking.



wheat, soy, sesame


BIO vegan dumplings with spicy vegetables, pre-cooked, frozen. Filling ≥ 60 %, dough 0,8 mm before pre-cooking. Ingredients: Filling 60%: organic vegetables 53% (cabbage, chives, onions, dried cabbage, dried carrots, garlic), water, organic textured soy flour, organic wheat flour, organic sesame oil, organic sunflower oil, sea salt, organic potato starch, organic spice mix. Dough 40%: organic wheat flour, water, organic sunflower oil, sea salt. May contain traces of crustaceans, fish, celery, mustard, egg, milk/lactose.